Monday, February 1, 2010


Pulau Redang is an island in the South China Sea situated in a marine park off the coast of Terengganu in peninsula Malaysia. It is one of the cleaner islands and visibility in the waters is good and is suitable for snorkelling and diving. The corals grow quite close to the surface in many areas and for most people, snorkelling is sufficient to see a good variety of sea life. have been there personally. And I can explain how fun the trip was, how amazing the scenery there.

Getting there from Kuala Lumpur.

Terengganu is 7 hours by road from Shah Alam . We enjoyed ourselves along the way. The sea journey to the island starts from the Merang jetty by boat. The boat trip took 45min .
[this picture taken by me on the way to jetty]

We ate 3 times a day....breakfast, lunch, dinner, + a BBQ ....and if we are still up to it, supper as well. If these are still not sufficient, there are breads and we grab them when we want a meal on the go.

Daytime activities:

sNorkelling was the main activity. Boats would take us out to various reefs to snorkel twice a day....once in the morning after breakfast, and once in the late afternoon lunch. Snorkellers were advised to wear T-shirts during snorkelling as protection against sunburn. Of course, sun block lotion helps, but it will not be as effective as an old T-shirt.

Look at the sand of Redang Mutiara Beach. Its sandy white, and the water there is crystal clear. You can even see baby shark when you swim in the sea, of course, the baby shark here is not dangerous. I'm not sure why, maybe the species here in Malaysia is not that wild. LOL. You can go there and experience yourself. And trust me, when you swim in the sea side of Redang Island, you definitely can see baby shark, Nemo (clown fish), and many other marine life. If you got no fate and can't meet with these fishes, simply ask the beach boys (tour guides there) to catch one for you!

This place is a marine park, so collecting of coral, shelfish etc is strictly forbidden. There was plenty to see in the shallow tropical reefs: stingrays, hawksbill turtles, Ridley turtles, humphead wrasses, huge greasy groupers, other colourful fishes, giant clams, the occasional black tipped shark, and of course, the various types of corals. The organizer provided a few snorkelling guides who would point out the various types of sea life to the newbies.

[thanks to buYIE, SHARK, POK LONG and Sero]

The above picture show you how relaxing the situation there is. Imagine that you're there and laying on one of the benches there. Feel the breeze of the sea wind, the sunshine of the sun. What a perfect life will be.

What did we do when we were not snorkelling? Well, there was always beach volleyball, card and board games, jungle trekking. But we did not going to jungle trekking as we were too tired after snorkelling. Tae-Wong used to bring books to read on every trip we went, until we finally wised up....there was simply too much to do.

Due to the lack of popularity, it is almost impossible to get a group going for a trip nowadays. I suggest Redang Mutiara for those who really want peace..compared to Laguna, Long Beach and etc there were too noisy as there are pubs. We have no idea on how good Redang are. You may have to guarantee them a minimum number of people though. Check out their website for details.

Let me recollect some great memories.... let me leave you with this for a while. Look out for my updates in the comments section. If you need more info... or some experiences to share, please leave them in the comment section. In the meantime, enjoy some cool pictures taken.