Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scheme of Work

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2
Entrepreneurial Behavior & Compentencies

Chapter 3
Creativity & Innovation

Chapter 4
Business Start Up

Chapter 5
Business Legal Structure

Chapter 6
Business Regulation & Support System

Chapter 7
The Format of Business Plan

Chapter 8
Business Plan: Marketing Plan

Chapter 9
Business Plan: Operation Plan

Chapter 10
Business Plan: Organization Plan

Chapter 11
Business Plan: Financial Plan

Presentation of Business Plan


F I N A L E X A M [25 OCT - 14 NOV]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

::: mY 1st Task :::

ENT 300

OMG~ This subject was my 1st task at UiTM Malacca. Got 5 classes, BACC [KBM] and DADF [KAG] ..ergh, no comment~
I'll try my very best in teaching this subject...I suppose to report to Ms Noorain, my Resource Person at Alor Gajah Campus [KAG].
1. Ask 4 text book
2. Teaching File
3. Portfolio File
4. Assignments
5. Business Plan Format
6. Attendance Sheet
7. Past Years Questions
8. Tests, Quizes & Tutorial
9. OBE

Then, report to Information Technology Department, applied for staf's email and password.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

::: My Profession as a UiTM lecturer :::

Alhamdulillah I’m completed my MBA..*_0
[Yahooo….x payah bace buku lg..*winks*].

Alhamdulillah, selepas mengerjakan umrah [arrived KLIA 20jun--today] , i have to lapor diri di UiTM Melaka tomorrow..Still tired but i have to be in Melaka. "ergh"


Actually when I was in high school, I wanna be ..'someone'. But for now, i just wanna focus on lecturing. Why? It’s because of time management. For those my friends yg continue PHD, the best of luck to you guys (rindu sama kamu especially LINDA n ROSLIZA). Semoga berjaya mencapai impian masing2...

If you ask me why I want to be a lecturer ?

Teaching has always been my first love. And off course I can work in other industry if I want..but the thing is I want to work in education area. To be a research officer also not bad but it’s kinda complicated to manage the research. So, I decided to choose teaching as a part of my life. For me, sharing what you know is never boastful or proud, unless you intentionally want to pull them down. If you want to help, it’s not being boastful to share things…if you really want to help. I want a job that I can give something to my society. Something I can share with them and something that everlasting like a cycle. It can be achieved by sharing your knowledge with other. I hope and I pray that my students will learn something good from me, even if they learn only one. In the end, what makes a great lecturer? I wish I had a magic ball that allowed me to figure this one out, but it’s something I’ve really given a lot of thought to… and I think what follows are at least some interesting ways to think about the profession.