Thursday, July 1, 2010

::: U M R A H 2 0 1 0 :::

الحمد لله

My Mak, Ateh, Adik, and I went on Umrah, last June with Asari Murni Travel.
I kept journal of my experiences & i'm sharing it here.

June 6, 2010~
On the plane from Kuala Terengganu -->KLIA. [MH 1327 W]

June 7, 2010~
KLIA-->Jeddah [ MH 150 ]
Today is the first day of a journey that will ultimately make an Umrah of me, insya-Allah. I feel disoriented. I’m still really nervous about umrah and feel like I’ll be in a fog the whole time. I do want to stay focused on umrah and preparing myself for it.
So strange – melange of the many “ME’s” I’ve been – baby,kid, high school, universities, Muslim, then much more Muslim. When I broke away from my old life, I didn’t go in the direction I planned. This is the alternative, to the point of not regretting my whole life, maybe somehow this trip is the thing that will seal my acceptance of the life I chose and the life Allah guided me to.

June 8, 2010~
Arrived at Jeddah Airport as scheduled, 1.45 am Malaysia time. We were a bit tired.

We took bus from Jeddah Airport to Madinah.

June 8, 2010~
Arrived Hotel Jawharat Fayrooz [Madinah]
Madinah was a place of firsts for us and provided clues to the trip to come.
Being in the masjid an Nabawi and visiting nearby mosques of historical significance would give us the first taste of the terrible pushing crowds we would experience. In that way it was beneficial to go to Madinah first – it prepared us as best we could be for the crowds to come in Mecca...

My mom, adik and I made plans to get up after a few hours of sleep to pray at the mosque[Masjid An Nabawi], and we left ateh at hotel because she 'peod'. 2 days before we left Madinah, I got a chance to see Ar-Rawdah, it is considered the second holiest side in Islam by Muslims (the first being theMasjid Al_Haram in Macca) and is the second largest mosque in the world. ~GORGEOUS....SUBHANALLAH.

to be continue....